Three Things To Consider To Ensure A Memorable Bareboating Adventure

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If you are planning for a great ocean adventure with your family and friends, you can choose to be your own captain or charter a yacht that comes with its own crew. A bareboat charter lets you experience the fun and joy of being the captain on-board.

For you to charter a bareboat you need to have at least some basic sailing skills. In most cases, charter companies provide other services such as provisioning the vessel and providing sailing lessons to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. For those who are ready for a great bareboating adventure here are some things to consider to make your trip more fun and memorable.

Before Departing

The success of your sailing trip mostly depends on how well you prepare for it. Although you can easily make do with the things that charter companies provide for their bareboat charter clients, the items you bring from home can make the difference between an enjoyable trip and a disaster. Do not forget to bring essential items from swim wear, medical supplies and hats to soft-sided cooler, swimming gears and pantry items.

Once you've packed all essential items for the trip, you're ready to have fun and enjoy! But before your crew jumps aboard, it is important to check if the boat is as ready as you are. Check everything from fuel tanks, water tanks to emergency gadgets and boat electronics.


You can either let the charter company to provision the boat for you or you can plan, pack and prepare your own foods and drinks for the whole trip. When you choose to provision your own boat you can actually choose what you want and save money at the same time. Before you create a provisioning plan, know if there are food markets and restaurants available near the marina. After doing so, prepare a menu and plan out the meals for each day of your trip according to your sail plan. Prepare foods that are good tasting, reasonably healthy and easy to prepare.

Living Aboard

It is important to make safety your number one priority. If you have kids onboard make specific instructions on what they can and can not do during the trip and while onboard. In addition to safety precautions, water conversation is another important thing to consider since water usage is probably the main factor on how often you need to go to the marina, you need to conserve water as much as you possibly can so you'll have more Boat fuel to go to exciting places instead of going to a port and refilling your water containers.

Another thing that you will need to deal with is the trash. Since there is no way you can dispose your trash while you're out in the water, consider segregating wastes. Collect food scraps in a bottle and discard them when making passes. This will help reduce smelly odors that can easily attract wasps and other pesky insects.

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