"The Revenant" Review – Leonardo’s Stunning Evolution!

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“The Revenant” is a super movie of epic dimension. There is a sense of awe in the way Alejandro G Inarritu unfolds the vast, beautiful and the treacherous Dakota Territory in his fabulous movie. The film, shot in natural daylight, evokes a sense of wonder as one can intensely feel the virgin, uncharted land of 1820’s America. The film is about the macho mountain men of the time who travelled beyond the league of human civilization!

Inarritu borrows from the story of the American legendary hero Hugh Glass, the dare devil explorer & hunter who, in one of his expedition with his band of fur trappers, gets mauled by a grizzly bear. The hunter becomes the hunted as he is fatally wounded and abandoned by his own men. Glass is left to die amidst the brutal mountainous terrain in freezing cold. The three companions await his death.

However, the director transmutes this fable into an Odyssey of Survival and lends it an epic stature. Indeed, it is Leonardo DiCaprio who could do justice to the role of embattled Glass with his stellar performance. Although the actor has already shown his brilliant rendition of different shades of characters in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Wolf in the Wall Street, nothing, so far, can equal the originality he has displayed in delivering the role of Glass with his visceral style of acting which the film demanded!

It is the lone saga of a man dragging himself through merciless terrain of endless mountains and tall conifers by his sheer grit of will-power. Therefore, the performance demands perfect body language to convey the anguish and resolution to fight out his way to fulfil the mission of revenge! He undertakes unthinkable ordeals to make the long drawn journey through the merciless landscape! He has made a promise to himself and it is to settle his score with Fitzerald. The latter is a dangerous man who is responsible for betraying Glass and brazenly murdering his only son!

Leonardo’s roles in his previous films have been quite eloquent. Here we confront a silent man conveying the pangs of his enormous physical sufferings and torments of the soul! The groans and the grunts of the fatally wounded frontierman who virtually crawls to push himself out of his grave create a remarkable déjà vu! This man meets the reality of his loved ones only in his haunting dreams of troubled past. His dead wife’s vision seems to whisper the wisdom of survival to his ears. In terms of filmmaking, Inarritu makes a vast transition from the usual revenge themes shown in other movies of the same genre. His introduction of the trend setting “visceral acting style” matches Leonardo’s performance in the movie so naturally!

After the initial dance of death in the scene of bloody warfare between the native Indians and the white fur traders, the impact of the movie is vastly physical because it tries to portray uncompromising realism where the bodily and mental agony of the protagonist reaches a life and death crisis! The question of survival and revenge of the battered protagonist amidst relentless Nature is the core concern of “The Revenant”. Nature appears so sinister and beautiful in the film! However, the theme of the movie is not only about nature’s brutality versus man’s indomitable spirit but also about his spiritual journey. Glass tries hard to rise above bodily pains in order to commit himself to his cause.

Leonardo suffers for his commitment to the “art of acting”. Given the extreme circumstances, DiCaprio slices open a dead horse, takes out its bloody entrails to curl up for warmth inside the carcass gripping the flesh tightly around him! He applies fire to the his throat to cure his festering wounds. He can even go to the extent of chewing down on raw bison liver or raw fish in order to live. In fact, it has to be an existential journey. So the entire crew had to shoot under – 25 degrees in real locations: the snowy terrains of Argentina and Canada!

The audience feels mesmerised by the visually stunning cinematography of Lubezki, the long- time associate of Inarritu who creates magical effects with his camera as he concentrates on the wilderness! We find ourselves visually dragged through the vast white landscape; rapids and the gushing mountain rivers; the treacherous rocky ledges; the sunlight glistening on the menacing icicles and the violent ambushes in superbly synchronised long takes through snowy woods, plains, air and water! The scenes leave behind a deep impact even long after the film is over!

Lastly, we see a glimpse of the humane side to Glass’s rugged exterior when he empathises with the native girl who is about to be savagely raped, and so, becomes her saviour. Such humanity has been poignantly hinted at when the face of his half -native dead son sears his soul. So the film is also a historical saga of the white men’s colonization of the Red Indians. Above all, it is a soul- searching movie on Sin and Resurrection!

Source by Mandira Mazumder

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