The Law of Attraction – 5 Common Stages

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I have witnessed quite a number of people being exposed to the law of attraction for the first time. After awhile, I noticed that patterns seem to occur. There appear to be common stages which most people who embrace this knowledge go through when they newly discover, or shall I say “remember” this secret. Following is a description of this process. (Disclaimer: These are merely cautionary flags. YOU WRITE THE SCRIPT!)

1. Revelation

The “A-HA!” moment. For some, it is like discovering a new toy. For others, it is no less than realizing the meaning of Life – our purpose for being. It is as if the puzzle pieces collected during life suddenly fit together to reveal the face of God! “WOW, I GET IT!” There is a surge of energy which leaves the recipient gung-ho to use this seemingly new power.

2. Application

Here, the law of attraction is taken out for a spin. One considers how this law applies to the different areas of Life. He or she may attempt to manifest something at this point. There is a real weighing and sifting during this stage. One may discuss it with friends, try to obtain more information or witness it in the world around them. It is being assimilated into one’s belief system.

3. Limitation

As the old saying goes, “True Love begins when infatuation ends.” Really consider this! In regards to the law of attraction, there are various reasons why the excitement may begin to fade. After holding it up to the everyday light of their daily lives, the recently discovered template is then used to view the BIG picture. Many arrive at the conclusion that these “concepts” seem too outlandish to apply across the board. Fear, worry and doubt seem more reasonable. They hit a wall. This wall is your weak spot!

“These things go against my religion!”

“My grandmother absolutely loved life, but she still died of cancer!”

“If this is how Life REALLY works, why haven’t I heard this by now?”

Others fall out of infatuation because they are afraid of what seems like an overwhelming responsibility suddenly thrust upon them. “If I’m the one in charge, who can I blame?” Being a victim of circumstance is no longer an easy excuse. You can no longer rely on crutches. Then again, didn’t you come here to walk on your own?

Still, there is the real kicker! It happens after the law of attraction has had time to sink in. The initial celebratory days and nights of epiphanies, brought on by intoxicating revelations, are waning. Now it is time to clean house! This is an internal process by which one takes stock of what they truly believe. It can be very difficult and painful if you have spent an entire lifetime avoiding yourself. This task is typically avoided by proclaiming, “I was drunk with fantasy. Now, back to my bills.”

When the infatuation ends, you will begin to see whether you have faith. You will start to become aware of how much power you are consciously using, with mere glimpses of the staggering power which is available to you!

4. Residue

During this stage, it is incredibly important to remain aware! As one’s infatuation with the law of attraction mellows, residue from past thinking (karma) rears its head and manifests. These are the products of thoughts and feelings which were previously sent out into the world, before all of these wonderful new ones. I’ve heard it lamented over, and over again, “I don’t get it! I’ve been so positive since I’ve learned about the law of attraction. Why is all this bad stuff suddenly happening to me? I better stop all this wishful thinking. I’ve got REAL problems to deal with!”

Let’s use Katie as an example. To make this concept of residue easier to understand, we’ll imagine that Katie’s positive and negative phases come in one month intervals. January is positive, February is negative, March is positive, and so on.

Now, it’s the beginning of the year. Everything is going well for her in January. Money is abundant, relationships flow, and she feels healthy. February comes and she can’t understand why she’s running into “bad luck”. Money is tight, she feels separate from others, and she has a head cold. She put out so many good vibes in January, so why is February like this? I’ll tell you – it’s the shadowy remains of December!

December was a “negative” month. Katie reacted to events with fear, worry and doubt in December. So, as she was being cheerful and optimistic in January, the Universe was clumping together December’s negative vibrations to be delivered right to her doorstep as February’s experiences.

Soon February ends, and things start to turn around in March. Why has her situation improved in March? January’s positive thoughts and emotions become manifest! Of course, this “one month” illustration is completely hypothetical and simplistic. It has been used to convey how cycles relate to the law of attraction. This gives way to the next stage…

5. Awareness

Identifying cycles in Life is instinctual to every living being. From the Sun and Moon, to birth and death, cycles are an intrinsic part of consciousness. Have you ever noticed life seeming to go well, and then not so well, and then well again, as if coming in phases? We’ve all heard it referred to as, “the roller coaster of life.” Being aware, is to hold your hands in the air. ENJOY THE RIDE!!!

Let’s say the hardships of February arrive at Katie’s door, and she becomes aware of these cycles. She faces any difficulties with the knowledge that it is merely residue. Any unfavorable events she experiences, have manifested due to her past reactions to unfavorable events, which have manifested due to her past reactions to unfavorable events, which have manifested due to her past reactions to unfavorable events, and on, and on, and on.

She realizes that she has been living on autopilot. This entails manifesting on “default” mode as a seemingly unconscious victim of circumstance. “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” Let’s say that in February she continues to exude the optimism, love and joy that she felt in January. She realizes that worrying is praying for what you don’t want. She breaks the cycle by her resolute faith. She decrees that only good things come to her. SO BE IT!

Now, Katie is aware of her awareness. Her eyes have been washed clean! I believe this to be the Biblical reference to being born again, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is happiness in the present moment. “Heaven is at hand!”


Begin to identify any stages that you may be encountering with the law of attraction. These may be stages I’ve listed or ones that are unique to your journey. Where are you in relation to when you first heard about it? Become aware of this process as it’s happening. Have you noticed the cycles of your Life? Remain particularly keen to the experiences occurring as a result of past thinking.

Choose a major area of your Life. Write down your HONEST beliefs about it. DON’T HOLD BACK! When finished, look at your list. Do you truly wish to manifest these beliefs as objects and events in your Life? This is extremely powerful! You are now an alchemist working with the divine chemicals of the Universe: desire, e-motion and thought.

One of the most powerful exercises for me has been to label unpleasant experiences as “residue”. If negative events take place, remind yourself that it is the result of former ways of reacting to your environment. Understand that to react to negative experiences with more negativity, is to keep the same old wheels turning. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Even if it seems daunting, face these illusionary hardships with steadfast faith. You shall break the cycle. The chains are invisible! They are in your head! Your power is in your reactions. Make a new choice. Choose to be free of those automatic responses to external stimuli. Become aware of the fact that you are consciously creating this Life. This is why you are here!

These precept remains at the core of EVERY lasting spiritual teaching, since the beginning of time:


Source by Skot McCall

Author: Waqas Jawed

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