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Men's Sexual Health Matters – Causes of Tumor Pain

By now, men are all too familiar with unsatisfactory pain to the boys below the belt. Whether it is from a sports injury, an incidental nut shot when playing with one's nephew, or even the dreaded blue balls – yes, […]

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Aphrodisiac Recipes For Males to Enhance Libido and Sexual Potency

Aphrodisiacs are foods that help to enhance sexual potency. These foods not only boost libido but also improves overall health and wellness. In this article you will find some of the aphrodisiac recipes which can keep you sexually active and […]

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Sexual Health: 3 Macrobiotic Home Remedies for Women

Is your love life suffering from low libido or lack of desire? Macrobiotics offers the natural secrets to revitalizing sexual health and libido. A macrobiotic diet is a natural way to boost your metabolism and discharge toxins from the body, […]

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9 Tips How to Read Her Sexual Language

Is she flirting? Smiling? Eye Contact? How to pick up her flirting signals. Interpreting her sexual body language has never been easier. 1: She Starts Preening: This is otherwise known as ensuring that she is looking her best. Standing up […]

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Male Sexual Health – For Stronger Eerections and Healthy Heart Eat Pistachios!

In our previous article, “Erections Without the Bill Pill” we lauded and value of the pistachio nut in a man’s daily diet, and an elixir of pistachios and honey. However, the benefit of eating pistachios does not stop at a […]

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Celebrity Reveals Sexual Child Abuse

In her autobiography, “Home: A Memoir of My Early Years,” Julie Andrews reveals the all too often kept dark secret of sexual abuse. Andrews reveals that when she was fifteen, her stepfather, who was drunk lunged toward her saying, “I […]

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Your Sexual Health – Do You Know How Sexual Abstinence Harms Your Health and Happiness?

Doctors tell us that sexual abstinence can harm the physical and psychic health of men and women. Find out how you can reverse the harmful side effects of abstinence with or without a sexual partner. How can sexual abstinence harm […]

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