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Coaching for Positive Results

Where do you spend your mental time on the field? Focusing on what you don’t want to accomplish or manifesting your vision through positive mental thought processes? What we used to call positive mental attitude has been overshadowed by focusing […]

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Morality’s Effect on Law of Attraction – Utilizing Your Higher Positive Intentions

The study of Zen Buddhism is often taught through stories and metaphors as a way to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying principles and ideas. One such story tells of a discussion between a teacher and his students: A […]

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Brazil Economic Outlook 2012 – Positive Signs for the Year Ahead

Throughout 2011 Brazil has experienced many economic ups and downs. Its stock market, the Bovespa, saw its value drop 29% from the end of 2010 to early August and then rally 20% from October to November; Inflation, reached the government’s […]

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Law of Attraction Affirmations: The Importance of Making Positive Assertions

Wow! That smile on your face shows that you’re ready to get on with your life after everything that you’ve been through. It seems that you’re moved by the positive quotes that you’ve been reading recently and you have felt […]

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