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Mental Health Is Contained in Language

Our experience in life, even in the womb, is one of sensation. All our physical sense channels, collectively referred to as ‘the sensorium,’ make up the body of our experience, which is then represented with language. In other words, we […]

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Treating Mental Health and Forensic Populations

No longer is it possible to assess and/or treat a mental health population without also interfacing with forensic issues such as legal infractions, Courts, violence, sexual behavior problems, delinquency, crime, Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, substance abuse, and others. […]

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Mental Conditioning

We love sports for so many reasons, including how much fun they are to play. While we want our kids to have fun playing, we are also interested in using sports for their other benefits such as exercise, building generational […]

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10 Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice

No introduction, you want the tips: TIP #1: Put All Clients on Your E-mail List Keep an e-mail list of your clients, both current and former. Get permission to send them a dead-simple newsletter from your private practice–one page! NOT […]

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What Is A Mental Illness And What Is Sound Mental Health?

A mental illness is the alteration of your psychological functions because of the invasion of the absurdity of your anti-conscience into your conscience. Depending on how much your anti-conscience will manage to destroy your conscience, your mental illness will have […]

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The Importance of Mental Health

What is mental health? Though no concise definition exists, mental health is basically your attitude and approach to life. Psychological, environmental, genetic, or physiological factors have a profound effect on overall mental development. What is mental illness? Mental illness impairs […]

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