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An IP Lawyer Will Help Your Patent Application Be Successful

In order to protect your new invention or technical development you should consider applying for a patent. A patent offers legal protection against other parties copying your idea. But there are a number of key steps that need to be […]

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How To Release/Renew IP Address

There may be times you find that your internet connection freezes or is extremely slow and you get a message stating that you can’t connect to the internet. There are many reasons this could happen such as if your home […]

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VegaStream – The Benefits of IP over TDM

Circuits on an IP network can carry more traffic than circuits on a TDM network. Strategically, it costs significantly less to deliver calls over IP than it does TDM. The laws of economics are driving us inexorably towards VoIP. However […]

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Phone Systems For Small Business – 8 Criteria For Evaluating an IP Phone System

Shoretel’s CEO, John Combs, presented a keynote address recently at IT Expo West, providing very relevant advice to IT managers and others buying a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. He used the MAC iPhone as an analogy, to illustrate […]

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