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Internet Technology Consulting – What Info Should You Give Away and What Should You Sell?

Technology Consultants are a smart group, they know that there skills, knowledge and experience are extremely valuable. Many get so excited when asked for help that they do a brain dump. Others try to sell everything they touch for a […]

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The Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Give You Every Excuse To Indulge In It

If you are a chocolate lover like I am, you're probably looking for any excuse at all to delve into your greatest guilty pleasure. Yet, there is actually scientific evidence that shows we do not have to feel so guilty […]

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Should You Give a Broken Engagement a Second Chance?

With all of the celebrities breaking up and getting back together lately, it seems like second chances are in the air. There is no question that sometimes couples break up for the wrong reasons, and that the second time around […]

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Christmas Classroom Games – Give Your Favorite Games a Christmas Twist!

Christmas classroom games are a great way to bring the festive season into the classroom so that the students and the teacher can have some fun. Sometimes Christmas classroom games can be created simply by adapting traditional games. Here are […]

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