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Engagement Rings – Choosing a Colored Diamond

The most preferred style of diamond engagement ring is those with a colorless or white stone. The higher the purity the more valuable it is rated, with the diamonds rated on a scale ranging from D to Z. D accounts […]

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Most Popular Types of Diamond Engagement Rings

The age-old saying that the diamond is a girl’s best friend stands true even in the modern era. With so many choices and new trends emerging every day, diamond still remains special for every woman. With this being said what […]

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Diamond Appraisals – Worthless or Worth It

Diamond appraisals can be tricky business. First off, virtually anyone can call themselves an independent jewelry appraiser. There is no law requiring appraisers to be licensed in the same way that lawyers and physicians are licensed. Grant it, there are […]

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How to Buy Diamond Jewellery Online OR Offline

[ad_1] Your jewellery collection is incomplete without diamond jewellery. The sparkling diamonds are good for all occasions – social gatherings, a dinner date, evening out with friends, and even a day at the office. Diamond jewellery will never go out […]

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