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Breast Cancer: Causes and Prevention

Cancer has been one of the leading illnesses in our present time. In fact, in the latest report from Reuters, patients infected with this disease has increased by 8.2M in the year 2012. One of the leading cancer illnesses that […]

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Medical Silicone – More Than Breast Implants, a Breakthrough Material for Medical Devices

Science continues to evolve and improve and this has been evidenced by silicone. It used to be that silicone was used for breast implants but today, science made progress and silicone is more than just for breast implants, since medical […]

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How to Hide Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Occasionally I get this request, especially from professional women or women who work in an office setting. Breast augmentation, although certainly not totally visible in normal public life, may be noticeable after surgery. Right after surgery as well, you may […]

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Breast Implants—8 Tips You Must Know To Do Well

Nowaways, for hundreds of thousands of women a year, a breast augmentation can help boost self confidence, reconstruct breasts damaged by surgery or tumor removal, and correct asymmetrical breasts. Of course, the most common reason that women seek breast implants […]

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