Internet Technology Consulting – What Info Should You Give Away and What Should You Sell?

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Technology Consultants are a smart group, they know that there skills, knowledge and experience are extremely valuable. Many get so excited when asked for help that they do a brain dump. Others try to sell everything they touch for a high price, where's the balance that does not give away the store but provides a highly profitable service?

First we should have our offers broken down into 3 main sections.

1. FREE – Information that we give away for free to attract prospects.
2. DIY – Do it yourself, so they can do it for themselves.
3. DIFY – Do it for you services, we offer to help them do it or we can do it for them.

O Now here's how we use the above steps. We should have an exhaustive amount of information that we glean from our knowledge base. With this info we write articles, create pod-casts and web-seminars to attract our prospects.

O Now with the step 2 what were going to do is offer a complete home study course which gives' Excruciating Details. "This is for the DIY people in your prospect pool, give them everything you can in great detail, and leave nothing out.

O And with step 3 what were going to do is offer coaching and do it for you services to our clients. This would be for those clients who may feel it's too complicated for them and will want you to help. Or maybe they'll just need to have some questions answered, either way you should offer everything from email coaching to do it for you services.

Source by Paul Godines

Author: Waqas Jawed

Hi, Waqas Jawed is SEO Expert and Blogger, He started his online working career at the age of 14. when he was only 7 year old he had high fever which cause him Hearing Problems. and he is doing his intermediate (Commerce) from (Karachi Private Board) and He is most hardworking guy at every team and company.


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