How to Be a Better Pet Owner

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How to be a better pet owner is an issue I frequently discuss with my veterinarian. I have two dogs who I dearly love. I do not have any children, so I indulge my pets, and I must admit it. There are moments when the dogs’ wellness is an obsession. The most important things. I have learned are really quite simple. Sometimes I have to go to my boring day job while my boyfriend is at work also.

My dogs do not like to be home alone. They are not bad, knock on wood. They feel neglected. My vet told me to bring home a small surprise each time they are home alone. I reward them for staying home basically. If I am gone every day, I pay my neighbors children to give the boys a walk. This is a little extravagant at times, and expensive. However, it is certainly worth it. My two dogs, are very interactive and they are happier when they have had special visitors.

My dogs are still puppies, as they are not yet two years old. I keep them supplied with busy bone and time consuming toys to shorten the day. My redbone has an anxiety issue, so sometimes I call the answering machine to leave him a message. My boyfriend heard me call and he said the dog went wild, my voice made him so happy.

My vet told us, that although they are inside dogs, we should provide them with a secure tie down area outside, so they can sniff and dig and bark. Dogs like to be dogs. Some priceless advice is what to never feed a dog. First alcohol, beer, and coffee, are big no nos. Also, never give your dog chocolate, raisins, onions, garlic, or chicken bones. These foods are extremely toxic to dogs. Usually its best to just feed dog foods and treats.

Never shampoo your dog with human shampoo, it will cause the dogs skin to be dry. Instead use a bubble bath, as it contains no soap, and it smells great. Rawhide is very bad for a dogs digestion, the treats made of rawhide are widely available, but a bad choice for your dogs health. Also it is important to take your dog for frequent walks, get the dog out for some exercise. Feed quality food and provide plenty of water for your pet. Your dog will thank you, for remembering these little things.

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Author: Waqas Jawed

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