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Just about everyone has a subject they are really interested in. What's yours?

Some people love Chevy Corvettes, some can not get enough of a needle point, some know just about everything there is to learn about a specific illness.

It could be that no one you know is the least bit interested in your passion for antique banjos. But put your passion on the Internet and you'll find dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people who are deluted to find someone who loves old banjos just as much as they do.

That's what the Internet does better than anything else. The net connects people with like interests. That's why Twitter, Facebook, and the entire social media extravaganza are such an important thing. They help people with specific interests find each other and enjoy one another's company and information.

If you have a strong interest in something, I'm firmly convinced you need your own blog.

A blog is a simple website where you talk about your interest, share information, show photos, and even post some homemade videos. All are centered around your interest, be it funny TV commercials, old country songs, or cutting-edge teaching methods.

All the corporate sites and Wikipedia's of the world can not match an enthusiast with an active blog. As someone who has naturally lived on the Web for years, there is NOTHING I love better than finding a homemade blog giving an enthusiast's full take on a topic I'm interested in.

You can bet there are THOUSANDS of people who feel the same. Your future blog has an already existing and waiting audience.

Here's how to get started:

1. Get a free account at blogger, wordpress, or typepad. These systems are super simple. You fill in blanks and boxes to make yourself a fine looking blog.

Do not worry about competing with fancy corporate sites. People will be coming to read and look at your content. They do not care that much about eye-popping layout and graphics. In fact, making your blog look homemade just enhances the point that you are a passionate individual and not some stogy organization.

2. Write about your passion. Tell what you know, what you can find out through research, and about new products and developments in the field. Keep focused on your main topic. It's OK to talk about your daily life a bit. People like to learn about the person behind the site.

3. Take some photos and upload them to your blog. Use your own photos rather than stock pics taken from the Web. Your blog on acoustic guitars can show a photo of your old Yamaha and your new Martin. The photos you take are far more interesting to visitors and add to your image as a true enthusiast who is knowledgeable about your topic.

4. Create videos and upload them to YouTube. Then post your videos on your blog. All this is super simple. An inexpensive Flip video camera lets you shoot video, do simple edits, then upload to YouTube, Facebook, or your blog with the click of a button.

5. Most blogging systems will let your visitors comment on your posts. Be sure to enable that feature. These days people get MUCH more excited about blog posts they can comment on. Visitors are more likely to return again and again to see how the conversation developments.

Do not worry about being a great writer. Simply put down your ideas the best you can. Write like you talk. People do not expect you to be a professional communicator. They simply want to learn what you know and share your passion

And yes, you can make money from your blog. Google lets you include targeted ads that will appeal to your specialized visitors. You can also find your own product or service to sell. This often works quite well.

The sad fact is the Internet is increasingly FILLED with computer-written junk. Clever entrepreneurs use software to put up thousands of blogs with computer generated content. The vast majority of these millions of sites are NOT the least bit interesting.

That's why the Internet needs YOU and needs you now!

Source by Kevin Nunley

Author: Waqas Jawed

Hi, Waqas Jawed is SEO Expert and Blogger, He started his online working career at the age of 14. when he was only 7 year old he had high fever which cause him Hearing Problems. and he is doing his intermediate (Commerce) from (Karachi Private Board) and He is most hardworking guy at every team and company.


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