2013 Wedding Dresses Trend: Feather Wedding Dresses

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Feathers are a relatively new trend that flew in about 2 years ago and are going to continue to be really popular in 2013 wedding dresses.

Most of us probably began to see feathered dresses coming home to roost in the spring of 2012 on the couture runways, but rather than being a soon-forgotten fad, they have not yet reached their peak popularity; And are continuing to gain fans.

One area that we have started to see a lot of feathered dress cropping up in is bridal wear, so if you have not seen wedding dresses including feathers already, keep looking because they're set to be a hot trend in 2013.

Why Feathers?
Let's get something straight from the get-go, feathery wedding dresses are not for every bride! It takes some serious guts to go along with this trend, but if done well they look amazing; Like something from a fairytale!

Feathered skirts give the ultimate light-weight look, but with the volume of larger, heavier dresses. The wearer simply glides in a way that other similar fabrics like tulle just can not offer due to their weight, as feathers trap air creating that bought-after volume.

There's also something very pure, graceful, and innocent about feathers, which is an image that every bride would like to portray! After all, no one ever saw a beautiful swan and thought it did not look lovely!

Finally in terms of the image is the unique factor. Feathers are still a relatively new trend, so you will be guaranteed to look memorable and offer a wedding worth talking about for a very long time!

However the appeal goes deeper than simply the (admittedly amazing) look of the wedding dress! Feathers have deep symbolic meanings and symbolize different things. Feathers were used to communicate with God in ancient religions, and more recently Christians have used feathers to embody the virtues charity, hope, and faith.

But people these days also think that they embody the ideas of truth, speed, ascension, and innocence. All ideas that really add a strong hint of romance to your actions!

Where Else Can Brides Incorporate Feathers Into Their Outfit?
The beauty of feathers is that they are available in many different colors and sizes, therefore it's possible to find accessories such as hair clips, or even tiaras made from them.

Do not forget that there are also jewellery items like necklaces and earrings.

But if you want to go outside of your own appearance and feature them through your wedding theme then it's possible to incorporate feathers into your wedding bouquet, table center-pieces, and even your wedding favors (because you could give away feather jewelery for example) .

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